Domus Residential Services starts February 2023 with more than 70 new construction developments

In addition to the excellent balance in turnover, the residential housing and new construction sales company has recently tripled its workforce and has welcomed new projects in the cities of Madrid and Laredo (Cantabria), among others.

As a major milestone for 2023, Domus RS plans to continue with one of its strongest bets, the National New Construction. In addition, it plans to ‘get stronger’ in places where it has a presence, but is not yet dominant.

The past year 2022 has been an optimal year for Domus Residential Services , a Spanish integrated management platform oriented to the residential market since 2013. In addition, the company has started 2023 by tripling its turnover, with more than 70 new developments underway and 1.3 billion euros under management thanks to its asset portfolio and volume of projects.

Diversification in the business, cohesive team and an excellent performance that hides more than ten years of work.

But these are not the only milestones for the company at the beginning of 2023. It has also recently tripled its workforce, reaching 80% female staff (the latest addition to the team, Cristina Sánchez-Estévez, new director of New Construction). Domus RS, which in 2021 has already experienced a major boost with the entry of Hipoges in its capital, is backed by more than ten years of experience and the increasing consolidation resulting from its work with two major groups of customers, corporate and ”point-of-sale” customers.

Diversification in its business areas, together with a methodology that combines transparency and consistency, are the keys behind the company’s success in the last period. Strategy and tactics implemented from four different scenarios: residential management, Capital Markets, Asset Management, or Consulting and Real Estate Market Research, have also been strengthened in this last period.

But, undoubtedly, for the company, the human team that makes up Domus RS and the constant accompaniment and advice to its clients in the different processes (from developers to end buyers), continue to be the most important pillars on which the company is built.

A company deeply oriented to the needs of its customers
Domus RS always puts its customers first. For this reason, the marketing company meticulously attends to both its corporate client (portfolio of main land developers and promoters) and the client who comes from ”point of sale”. In the words of Jorge-Pérez-Curto, CEO and founder of Domus RS ”in the end, both clients, equally important, are focused on the same objective, the sale of homes”. He adds ”we cannot distinguish between our customers. They are all equally relevant to us and each one has different needs and peculiarities”.

Also noteworthy in recent times have been the latest additions of assets to the Domus RS portfolio, such as Metrovacesa Mesena 80 in Madrid, a premium housing project in one of the most privileged areas of Madrid, and another of the fruits of the good year of 2022. Also noteworthy is the AEDAS Homes residential initiative in Laredo, Cantabria. The project, consisting of 106 homes of various types and located in the center of the city, is on the beachfront and close to a large sports area.

The company’s main short-term objectives are to continue to grow by providing advice and honest and transparent support to all its clients, offering them solutions that complement their interests. In addition, according to its management, they will continue to work for the promotion of the national new construction, a booming market in which Domus RS plays an increasingly important role. Lastly, and as another of its challenges for this new year, Domus RS proposes to become strong in those areas where it has a presence, but is not yet dominant.



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