Check them out: these are the companies with the happiest employees

Happiness at work contributes greatly to achieve happiness in the personal field, and there is no doubt that when spending much of the day at work, if there is no sense of happiness there, it will be very difficult to have it at other levels, which can be a serious problem if it extends over time. We tell you which are the companies with the happiest workers of all the ones you can find in Spain… it will be a real pleasure to work for them!

These are the companies with the happiest workers

In recent years, companies are realizing how important it is to focus on the happiness of your employeesThere is no doubt that going to work happy makes you work harder and better, while if you are not at ease you will not perform adequately. Thus, creating a work environment that maximizes “good vibes” and happiness is very important to have happy employees and happy to work in that company, which in the end will benefit everyone.

ChooseMyCompany is a company dedicated to helping other companies learn about the observations and perceptions of both managers and employees, which will be key to improving the work environment. Now, this company wanted to reward the companies with the best ratings from their employees in a recent survey in which happiness at work was valued.

According to the results of this survey, Axel Springer España, publisher of Business Insider España, is the best ranked of the companies with the happiest workers, with 67.5% of employees who would recommend this company as the ideal place to work. In addition, this company has also achieved the best ranking in the category of best company to work remotely and in the category in which the technology team is the happiest and most committed.

This is the ranking of the companies with the happiest employees in Spain (companies with less than 50 employees):

  1. WeTrust
  2. Hrider
  3. Fundeen
  4. Oscala
  5. Winid
  6. Last-app
  7. Apsia
  8. Logixs
  9. Primeum
  10. Viterbit

For companies with more than 50 employees, the ranking is as follows:

  2. SEWAN Groupe
  3. TYM
  4. Tynamics
  5. Decide Solutions
  6. Domus RS
  7. Meisys
  9. FCM Travel
  10. ATP Packaging / Pasiona / Walmeric (triple tie)



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